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“In Maryland, the law states that anyone born on or after July 1, 1972, must possess a certificate of boating safety education in order to operate any motorized vessel. This certificate is non-renewable and must be carried by the student at all times while operating a vessel.” Although we are able to issue Temporary Boater Safety Certificates for a 10-day period, this is only able to be issued once in your lifetime. A valid ID must be presented to issue and you must be 21 years of age.

Proper navigation lights are required by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. However, all rental boats are not equipped with navigation lights and are prohibited to be used between sunset and sunrise.

A type 3 personal flotation device must be worn at ALL times while being towed behind a boat (this includes water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, etc).

All renters must be 21 with a valid drivers license to rent from Silver Tree Marine.

MD Boat Safety Course


There is a $250 security deposit taken at the time of every reservation. This initially holds the boat for the rental time period. When you come to pick the boat up from Silver Tree Marine, you are responsible for paying the entire rental amount. The $250 will be held as a security deposit until the boat is returned in the same condition as it was in when rented. Please note, certain banks can hold the refund of the reservation deposit for up to 2 weeks; while most banks hold up to 2 days, please plan accordingly and check with your bank to be sure you have the funds. This is not an authorization but an actual charge.

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Other Policies

Cancellation Policy:

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for ALL rental boats. If the rental is canceled outside of 48 hours prior to your rental, the $250 deposit will be refunded and there will be no charge to you. If you cancel within 48 hours of your rental, the $250 will be forfeited by the renter.

CD Player/Radio/Bimini Tops:

The CD Players, Radios and Bimini Tops are not included in your rental rate and are amenities. They are not garunteed to work throughout your rental. Refunds or discounts will NOT be issued if these items are not in service.

Fuel Policy:

Fuel is not included in the rental rate. The boat will leave the dock full at the beginning of your rental. Upon return, please pull boat into gas will be responsible for paying for fuel that you used throughout the rental.

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